Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea - Under $20 - Charles Smith Wines

Charles Smith is a rock and roll type of winemaker who rocks out his wines in Washington State.  The tagline on his website is "It's Just Wine - Drink It".  He makes great wines at all price levels, but here are some great ones in the under $20 Category:
Kung Fu Girl Riesling. A great, versatile white.  Pairs nicely with spicy food! You can usually find this for about $12.
Eve Chardonnay. A bit richer white wine to go with fish or chicken. Also a great everyday wine. This one should also be in the $12 range.
Boom Boom Syrah. Besides a great name, this is a great "fruit bomb" wine that is great just to drink everyday. This one is our go-to wine to for Famous Dave's BBQ!. This one is closer to $20, but you will not be disappointed.

Enjoy - let me know how you like them...and Happy Holidays!

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