Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea - You Choose the Cost... Gift Cards?

Gift certificates/ gift cards sometimes get a bad name as a gift selected without a lot of effort. However, picking out a wine is sometimes a highly personal thing, and getting someone a bottle of wine as a gift can be difficult unless you happen to know their likes/dislikes.  Part of the journey of learning more about wine is building a relationship with a good wine shop to not only provide you the coveted product, but also to find a trusted place to go to get help in selecting a wine for whatever your occasion.  If you have a favorite, locally owned, wine shop - and you are looking for a gift for someone who lives reasonably close to that shop - why not give a gift card along with a note saying that you like this spot and you think the lucky recipient will as well. This adds a bit of a personal touch to the giving of ye olde gift card. Hey, I have nothing against giving a gift certificate from one of the giants of wine, like Total Wine & More - they are fun to spend, and you know that the person receiving the gift should have no problem finding something they like.  Plus - with gift cards you can decide how much you want to spend.

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