Monday, January 21, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - Just Enjoy It!

Along with any bottle of wine comes a slew of information about how it came to be.  The country, wine region, vineyard, soil, weather, vintage, date of harvest, winemaking techniques, aging are just some of the elements that impact a wine.  Much of the content of wine magazines talks about these elements for each wine, plus what it smells like in the glass, and what meal it will accompany best.
As a wine geek, I have a great interest in this type of information, and enjoy understanding the back story of the efforts, passion, and creativity that preceded the wine I'm about to drink. However, often (quite often in fact) I prefer to just sit down with a bottle, a loved one, and just enjoy it! You don't need to know the brand of guitar that B.B. King uses to thoroughly enjoy his music, or need to know where the paper came from in your favorite novel (for anyone out there who still reads old school paper books) to enjoy its contents.  Sometimes, wine just needs to be a beverage - so JUST ENJOY IT!!!

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