Monday, January 7, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - Where to Buy Your Wine

Your local grocery store operates in a business of super low margins - namely typical food/grocery products.  For the sake of convenience, some "non food" items in a grocery store will cost you more than they would elsewhere. One such item is wine. One of our go-to everyday bottles is El Coto Rioja that we first enjoyed during my first trip to Spain.  In Spain, literally a 3 hour drive from where they make the stuff, it costs around 6 Euros, or about $8. Upon returning home, for a while I was able to find it at Total Wine & More and Whole Foods for $11 or $12 a bottle - but I have not seen it at either place for years, so I get our supply from one of my favorite online wine shops - Ultimate Wine Shop for less than $10 a bottle.   Upon a recent trip to our local grocery store, I was surprised to see El Coto on the shelf, so my wife and I proceeded to empty out the shelf until we decided to check the price... drum roll... it was "on sale" with your loyalty card for only $19.99!

Find a good local wine shop to support, or a shop like Total Wine & More that specializes - the extra trip to another store will pay off very quickly. All grocery stores may not mark up the same, but since the El Coto incident I have paid attention to wines I recognize, and I have noticed you will pay a premium at most of ye olde grocery stores. 

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