Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekly Wine Review - Red Blend - 2009 Finca Flichman Tupungato

Malbec has recently become one of my most consumed wine varieties. I have found it to be great red wine to just sip and savor, and also have found it super versatile in food pairings.  All this and reasonably priced as well!  I found a great recipe for a Korean Flank Steak, and have found the fruitiness of the right Malbec can handle the spiciness of the dish (courtesy of my current favorite condiment - Sriracha).   One of my favorite go-to Malbecs is the Reserva from Finca Flichman - so when I saw this red blend from them I was very intrigued and wanted to try it - with the Korean Flank Steak!

Wine: 2009 Finca Flichman Tupungato
Region: Mendoza, Argentina
Grape Varieties: Malbec (70%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Merlot (5%)
Obtained from: Purchased at Total Wine & More
Price: $16.00
Wino4Life Category: Everyday Wine
Aeration before tasting: Just a swirl or two, no special aeration.

Cork Condition: Natural cork - no defects or issues.
Appearance: Wine is clear, dark purple in the center with a water white rim.
Aroma: Nice aromas of dark fruit like blackberry, baking spice, and a bit of chocolate.
Taste: Very nice fruit flavors with a hint of spices.  Bringing some Cab and Merlot to the party have given this wine a bit more complexity than the pure Malbecs. Still fruity enough that it matched nicely with our Korean Flank steak.

The Grade: I give this one an A. The extra complexity of the blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have a great impact on both the nose and the taste of this wine.  At $16, this one is a nicely complex wine for anyone who likes Malbecs, or even fruitier versions of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.  Fun to say "Tupungato", and fun to drink!

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