Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekly Wine Review - Sauvignon Blanc - 2010 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin

I recent reviewed the 2008 Villa Maria Private Bin Riesling, really loved it - and have already added a couple of bottles to our stash. Based on that wine,  I wanted to try out the Villa Maria treatment of the grape I associate more closely with New Zealand - Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine: 2010 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc
Obtained from: Purchased at Total Wine & More
Price: $12.00
Wino4Life Category: Everyday Wine
Aeration before tasting: Just a swirl or two, no special aeration.

Cork Condition: Screw Top - no defects or issues.
Appearance: Wine is clear with a very light straw color in the center, with a water white rim.
Aroma: Very nice aromas of lemon, lemon zest, grapefruit and pineapple. Mouthwatering just to smell it!  Also a smell I can only describe as gooseberry (not something we find fresh here in the USA that I know of, but you can find gooseberry jam - it's a bit like a white raisin, but not very strong)  plus a bit of Sauvignon Blanc's telltale fresh cut grass. The nose has a lot going on!
Taste: The citrus aromas carries forward into the taste, with a nice finish that includes fruit flavors plus minerals.  A very acidic but balanced wine - very refreshing, a nice wine for a hot day. 

The Grade: I give this one an A+. Just like the Villa Maria Riesling, I think this Sauvignon Blanc is a stellar wine for $12. It would pair nicely with fresh seafood.  I believe this winery makes several other white wines from other varietals, and I am definitely going to look for them - oh yeah, and get some more of this stuff as well.


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