Monday, April 22, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - Buy in Moderation

One thing I can almost guarantee is that your taste and preferences in wine will continue to change - now and forever. The change will more likely be greater early on as you become a wino - but your taste will continue to evolve, and you will continue to try new and different wines that may become your next favorite.  When you do find something you enjoy drinking, be careful about buying cases of it - even if it's on sale!  It doesn't hurt to stock up - but keep in mind that if you tastes change, you may be left with way too much wine you don't really like anymore.
Yeah - Not so Tasty Anymore

Also, just because some publication gave a wine 90 points - it doesn't mean you will like it as well as the reviewer. Buy a bottle first to try before investing in a load of wine that you will be stuck trying to drink or pawn off on friends and family.

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