Monday, April 1, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - Orange Wine Isn't (Necessarily) "Orange Wine"

Wine can be made from things other than grapes, but when you hear someone talking about "Orange Wine" it most likely is not a wine made from Oranges.  The term Orange wine refers to a white wine made more like a red wine, where the juice is left in contact with the grape's skins.  I was able to try my first version of this type of wine at a dinner this past weekend at Next Restaurant in Chicago.  The wine was a 2010 Jean-Yves Peron Cotillon des dames and it was fantastic!  The wine is from France and is made with Jacquère and Altesse grapes (never heard of these before). The color was more like slightly cloudy apple juice with aromas that matched - lots of fresh apples, orange blossom, and just a pleasurable trace of the oxidized taste found in good dry Spanish Sherry.   This wine was paired with a mushroom dish and with a smoked fish dish and went perfect with both.

If you are a white wine drinker looking for something "bigger" or a red wine drinker that thinks most whites are two wimpy - try some orange wine!  Just make sure your local wine purveyor doesn't give you something made from Florida navel oranges!


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