Monday, April 8, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - Your Memory Lane Lined with Wine Corks

If you are like me, once you get into wine most special occasions and holidays are accompanied by a nice bottle of wine (or two).   The wine corks from these occasions can act as a clever memento.  We write the date and occasion on the corks we save, and keep them available for a quick trip down memory lane whenever needed! Ours are kept in a decorative bowl we use as a centerpiece, but there are also cages of various shapes that can be used to house your collection.

 After your container overflows, perhaps you can get into arts and crafts mode and create something with the spare corks - here's an idea to consider - looks comfy!!!

On a bit more serious note, we have used spare wine corks to make a Christmas garland - strung along with some Christmas color beads. It did look pretty cool on the tree!


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