Monday, May 27, 2013

Wino4LIfe Motivation Check - Fame or Passion?

When I decided to start my Wino4Life blog I wasn't even aware of the Wine Blog Awards. Each year, wine blogs are nominated for awards by the general public, and top finalists for several categories (such as best blog, best blog post, best wine reviews, best new blog, etc) are selected by a panel of judges consisting of mostly wine writers and educators. 

My wife went ahead and nominated ye olde Wino4Life blog for best new wine blog (blogs can be nominated if in existence for less than one year).  I have been watching the Wine Blog Awards website with some anticipation - wondering if my passion for the topic was coming through enough to garner such an award as a newcomer.  Last week the nominations were announced, and alas Wino4Life did not make the cut.  

Originally a list of five, not down to three for some unexplained reason (???), the award will go to one of two people (one person was nominated for their personal wine blog and for a Village Voice blog).  The other person has been a wine writer for a Knoxville newspaper since 2006.

I pondered for a moment if the hours I spend trying to share my love for wine are worth it - am I looking for the fame of an award, or just looking for a way to share my passion with potential winos. The pondering only lasted a split second as I realized that I have loved what I have done to date, and look forward to providing more of my brand of wine information and insight in the future - and hopefully I will make it better and better as I learn and grow as a blogger. 

The nominated blogs for the Wine Blog Awards are from people who write about wine professionally - they have access to events, wines to review, information that I simply don't have as a passionate consumer.  I buy all (so far) of the wines I have reviewed - trying to find wines that would be widely available whenever possible, and living within the budget of a blogger relying on readers supporting the advertisers I have on my site.

However, this is exactly why I started this blog - to provide something a bit different than what is available on wine websites and in newspaper blogs - which there is a LOT of! I want to provide information from a consumer's perspective who has transitioned from a full on novice to an incredibly passionate wino over the last 15 years or so - not someone who has become a professional wine writer, and then decided to also blog.

So please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, criticism, praise - any and all input appreciated - and stay tuned for more from Wino4Life!!!

Thanks to all you who read my stuff - I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable.

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