Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Special Guest Blogger Today! Wino4Life Wife Talks Wine and Purses

Hello all, Wino4life Wife here! Wino4life Jim suggested I post today, as I shared with him my analogy that always seems to get my non wino girlfriends into trying out different types of wine. 

While catching up with a friend recently, of course the subject of my love for wine came up, she couldn't understand how I could drink something that she thought tastes like medicine. The only wine she enjoyed was sweet, like white zinfandel - so what white zinfandel would I recommend.  Apparently my gasp was audible - and my snobbery could not be retracted!  There was some good natured name calling and laughing, but I asked her one simple question  - did you buy your purse/handbag at Walmart?  Now the snobbery tables were turned - it was her turn to gasp, after which she rattled off the designer, collection and year of her prized purse.  

Now, there is nothing wrong with a purse from Walmart, they are functional, inexpensive, and perfectly appropriate for whatever you need it for!  There is also nothing wrong with a Louis Vuitton either! (You really don't want me to start describing why I love Louis Vuitton here) However, I'm not going to ever take a Louis to the beach! 

Same goes for wine.  There is the everyday, suits your need, cost is appropriate for you, and you alone - and you feel good with your purchase (alcohol content irrelevant) wine.  There is also the special occasion, evening out category, the kind you may only do once a year, and it's stored and protected until you need it!  Let alone the other categories and reasons we need a purse or wine!

Even the descriptors of purses can be compared to wine;  Designer, Collection and Year is pretty close to Winery, Varietal and Vintage!  Coincidence?  I think not!

Wine is as personal as a purse - drink what you want, as long as you like it, you should not care what anyone else thinks (except if it's white zin!!!)  Yes, I used to drink white zin years ago too, but times change! To provide her with a recommendation to her tastes, I suggested a Charles & Charles Rose by Charles Smith Winery.  Looks like white zin, NOT white zin.  For another suggestion - sticking with her sweet tastes, I recommended a Kung Fu Girl Riesling, also by Charles Smith winery.  Kung Fu Girl is actually only slightly sweet, but the big fruity tastes can work to satisfy someone looking for a sweet wine. 

Full disclosure, I do not own a Louis Vuitton, nor have I been compensated by Louis for this post (I would be happy to receive any samples to try though!!!).  The various times I get close to purchase a Vuitton, Parnasséa or Signature, I get a few bottles of one of my all time favorite splurge wines - Alto Moncayo's  Aquilon, instead.  Priorities!

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  1. I have requested LV to make a wine carrier. Thanks for the info, I like the sweeter wines and will be trying your recommendation!


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