Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten Must Have Wine Products? No - but Ten Very COOL to Have Wine Products!

Think you have every wine gadget you need... think again! I would not classify these products as must have, but sometimes it's fun to get a gadget just because it's cool... or funny... or bizarre!  I'm sure Inspector Gadget had a least a few of these things in his arsenal.

Just follow the links to see more about these crazy products.

1.  In our fast paced world - you need to be ready to be on the go at any time.

2. Men have carried flasks for hundreds of years - finally something for the ladies!

3. I have seen different versions of this product for years - but have never tried one.  These things use magnets to improve the flavor of wine. The magnet is supposed to soften tannins in red wine... sounds like a future Wino4life product review!

4.  I could have hours of fun with this thing - just makes me laugh!

5. This is one that would actually be pretty cool to have. Serving your wine (Reds, Whites, Sparkling, Rosé) at the correct temperature range is very important!

6. Last year Grandma sent me a hand knitted sweater... this year I think she's trying to tell me something.

7. These are hilarious!  Hey, this wine takes like Shi........raz! 😜

8. Art suitable for framing and proudly displaying.

9. A new take on a classic - swirl that Solo!

10. Really??? Did we really need this thing???  Does it come in white?

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