Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weird Wine News - 10 Stories That Make You Go Hmmm....

Happy Fourth of July to all!!!

Some of these stories are new, some are old - but all help illustrate that the world of wine is just as weird and wonderful as the rest of our kooky world! 

Just click the links to read these amazing stories. I hope you enjoy!

1. When I first started to develop my ability to identify aromas in wines, I recall trying a Wild Hog Pinot Noir and detecting something that I believed was the aroma of fresh dill.  At the time I thought there was no way that a great Sonoma Pinot Noir smelled like a pickle, but as I read other tasting notes at the time there were some who agreed!!! Getting, and staying skilled at detecting and identifying aromas will be a lifelong pursuit for me - but I may contact my Farmer's Insurance guy to see what a $10 policy would cost me!!!


2. While not really about wine, there is a wine blurb in this story. Here is a tease that may send you to read the article: ""We don’t accept the hardened criminals any more, the murderers or rapists," says Capt Samir Benykrelef, "so this makes our job easier."

The French Foreign Legion - the last option for those desperate to escape the UK

3. Here is one place where I would definitely not want to be replaced by a machine!!!

Electronic tongue has taste for sparkling wine

4. Literally $28 for a spoonful of wine??? Not a 100 year old wine either - but a 2000 Royal Tokaji Essencia. Tokaji is a very special dessert wine, but I prefer mine as a regular pour in a real glass!


5. This is a newer story within the last couple of weeks.  Strange to me that I have not seen any sort of reply to this accusation. Counterfeiting of wine definitely occurs, and in one case a jury awarded $12 million in punitive damages for the sale of fake wine.


6. I am comforted to know that when it is time to live in space, they will have figured out how to ferment wine and beer! I look forward to my first sip of anti-gravity Gewürztraminer!

Space Spiders and Wine: Weird Science Launching on Private Space Capsule

7. I wonder if wine will catch on at hockey games? Power Play Pinot? Penalty Shot Chardonnay? 


8. I know this is late for this year - but this article will help next year's Easter candy shopping for sure. And... why didn't they have the Carrot Cake M&Ms (see #7 in the article) in my 'hood???

9. Replace by a machine or a dog... my self worth is going to need a glass of wine by the time I'm done writing this post!


10. I have found the theme for my next wine-related get together!  From the article: "Participants essentially drank as much wine as possible, stopping at intervals to insult each other. "  Or... maybe I'll just wait until the family meal next Thanksgiving!


Know of any other weird and whacky stories - share them with us in the comments section!  Thanks! 

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