Monday, September 16, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - How About Something Home Made?

Long before I became interested in wine, I was a beer guy.  For a few years, I tinkered with brewing my own at home - and I really loved doing it. I would typically make 3 or 4 batches each year, and we would have a rockin' Homebrew Halloween Party.

My creations were labeled as Hardenbrew - here are labels from some of my favorite brews:

Chocolate Cherry Stout and Beavis and Butthead's Full Moon Ale 

Espresso Stout and Halloween Pumpkin Ale

I also took a couple of stabs at making my own wine at home. It is a fantastic way to learn a lot about (a home version facsimile) of the winemaking process.  It takes a little more work than beer making, with careful monitoring of the progress of the fermentation, and while the result was no Opus One, it was respectable for a wine make in plastic buckets! 

If you are interested in giving home wine making a try, you will need a starter kit, available at many places including Northern Brewer.

Starter Kits come in several variations, I went for the basic version to start:

Next you will need an Ingredient Kit based on the type of wine you want to make - many varieties are available - even White Zinfandel!

Just follow the directions - carefully and completely, and let us know about the masterful creations you are able to make at home!

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