Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekly Wine Review - French Red - 2011 Paul Mas Estate Malbec Gardemiel Vineyard

Please note that this wine was provided to me for free as a sample from McCue Marketing Communications, LLC. I do accept samples for tasting in the hopes of finding something newly available, or a hidden treasure I might not otherwise come across.

Today is part wine review and part a warning about shipping wine in hot weather.  Today's wine was graciously provided to me to sample and review for this blog. The wine was sent to me by Fedex for next day delivery, but it was still fairly hot here in the desert of Arizona, and the time the wine spent on the Fedex truck caused the air to expand and partially eject the cork. So, for any wine clubs you belong to - or if you buy wine online, keep an eye on the weather!  I hope the short time the wine was subjected to heat did not impact it - but when a wine's temperature gets over 90 degrees, a wine can get "cooked" and exhibit tastes of stewed fruit (think prunes...not a good wine taste!).

Fingers crossed - let's go on with the tasting!

Wine:  2011 Paul Mas Estate Malbec Gardemiel Vineyard
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Grape Varieties: Malbec
Obtained from: Received as a tasting sample from: McCue Marketing Communications, LLC
Price: $14.00 (Estimated)
Wino4Life Category: Everyday Wine
Aeration before tasting: Just a swirl or two, no special aeration.

Cork Condition: Synthetic cork - partially pushed out of bottle due to heat exposure.
Appearance: Wine is clear - no cloudiness.  Dark red in the center with a water white rim.
Aroma: Whew! The fruit aromas are very dark, so I first I was afraid the wine was a bit cooked, but the more I sniffed, the more pure fresh (but dark) fruit came out - black cherry and blackberry.  In addition to the fruit, there was also a nice backdrop of spices and vanilla.
Taste: The fruity aroma carried through to the flavor of the wine. The fruit flavor dissipates quickly leaving a bit of an herbal aftertaste.

The Grade: I give this one a B. A fairly straightforward wine - lots of fruit that disappears very quickly. For the same price range you can get more interesting examples of Malbec from Argentina, but there is nothing wrong with this one for a simple everyday wine.  Luckily, there were no impacts from the exposure to heat for this bottle - but be careful when the temps are close to - or over 90 degrees!

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