Monday, October 28, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - Beware the First Sip!

Be careful not to judge any wine solely on your first taste of wine that day. Whatever else you've partaken of earlier that day - be it toothpaste, coffee, a breath mint, a King Size Payday bar - whatever - will impact your palate and your first drink of wine will interact with any residue still in your mouth.  An important element to a good wine is acidity, and your first shot of something acidic will always be jarring to your tastebuds (imagine starting the day with a nice lemon wedge), but once you've had something acidic, your palate will be better prepped to truly evaluate a wine. 

Having a meal with an epic wine? Plan for some type of starter wine to prep your palate, as well as your guest's palates, to fully enjoy that epic wine.  Just make sure to prep your palate in some way, so you don't end up trashing a good wine based only on that first impression!

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