Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Weird and Wonderful of Wine – 11 Wildly Different Holiday Gift Ideas

At this time of year I like to provide some gift ideas for those Winos or wanna-be Winos in your life. There are a million wine gadgets and gizmos out there and I try to find some that are actually useful, and that would make good gifts – and post an idea or two each day as we count down to the holidays.  If you are like me though, there are some on your gift giving list that need something… well… strange.  Something different, unique, memorable – call it what you will, but the regular run of the mill gift just won’t cut it as a gift for certain people.  With those special friends and family members in mind, I bring you some ideas for wine-related gifts that are a little different and guaranteed to be memorable.

Those that may be a little “bent” will get a kick out of these glasses.  Once they start looking like regular glasses, it may be time to stop drinking!

Possibly the coolest gift ever for those in your life that love to throw a good party with lots of finger food. They don’t hold much – but size isn’t always most important!

For the manly-man or DIY-gal in your life. A mini drill with screw driver attachments plus a corkscrew attachment! Even a nifty foil cutter so after a hard day of building their dream home, they are ready to relax and sip some wine!

Forget wine charms - if you're having an outdoor party or romantically lit dinner, your guests will not have a problem finding their wine glasses. You can set the color, or set it to change automatically... how cool is that???

Show's off that special bottle of wine in a very unique way. Also, keeps the wine in contact with the cork which is very important.

OK, so this is not for wine, but just too cool not to include.  For the Sci-Fi geek on your shopping list - when the occasion calls for a cocktail - blast off with this!

Bird Lover + Wine Lover = perfect gift.  For the non bird lover - a possible traumatic experience that may require counseling.

Buy the whole set and you can play a nice game of wine bottle chess!

I included these because Wino4Life would love these... and your special girl may love them as well.
Help set the pace of your drinking, and helps you remember which glass is yours!

Giant Swiss Army Life

OK, so when I started this list I wanted to make a list of 10 unique gift ideas - but I had to make it 11 when I saw this beauty.  Only $1,600 and it has a corkscrew!!!

Happy Holidays to all!

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