Monday, December 23, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week - How to Open a Bottle of Bubbly

This is the time of year you are most likely to be serving up some sparkling wine - be it real Champagne from France,  Cava from Spain, or any other sparkler.   It may look like a lot of fun in the locker room of the championship winning team, but actually there is a correct and easy way to do it.  A loud *pop* and wasted wine shooting out the top is not what you want, but instead a soft, delicate pop with no wine wasted, and no projectile cork assaulting guests or your fine chandelier if you point the bottle up!

Here is a YouTube video, that while a bit goofy does show the proper technique (and proper serving temperature) for a sparkling wine. Do be cautious, the wire cages on the bottles are there for a reason, and a cork could shoot out when you're not ready - that's why you keep your thumb on the cork after the cage is removed.

Happy sparkling!

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