Monday, December 16, 2013

Wine Tip of the Week – Party Invite…To Bring or Not to Bring

Have an invite to a Holiday Party and not sure if you should bring wine or something else to the fiesta?  Sometimes the invitation will tell you to bring you drink of choice, while some invites won’t specify. 

It is a nice gesture to reach out to the host and offer to bring something – wine or otherwise – and the host may ask for your help in bringing something specific.   Even if the host says bring nothing – it is OK to take a bottle of wine as a “thank you” to the host.   Don’t be offended if your bottle isn’t opened – it should be considered a gift to be opened or not at the host’s discretion.   Use your best judgment on the amount to spend on your gift of wine – but if you only want to spend $5, I wouldn’t bother.  In the $15 range you can find wonderful wines – and if you’re not sure of the taste of your host, go with something safe and fruity like a Malbec from Argentina for a red wine or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for a white.  If you are not sure if the host even likes wine, white wine is the safer bet to take with you.  If you get invited to more of a sit down dinner party – perhaps a bitter thank you of a $25 bottle of wine, but don’t stress too much on the cost – it’s the thought that counts!

Happy Holidays to All

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