Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weekly Wine Review - Spanish Red - 2007 Bodegas Estefanía Bierzo Tilenus Envejecido en Roble

I am not able to find many Bierzo wines at the spots where I typically shop, so for one I turned to my friends at Ultimate Wine Shop who have a tremendous selection.  I do not have any business relationship with this place - I have just shopped there even before I started blogging, and they have never let me down!

Wine: 2007 Bodegas Estefanía Bierzo Tilenus Envejecido en Roble
Region: Bierzo, Spain
Grape Varieties: Mencia
Obtained from: Purchased online at Ultimate Wine Shop
Price: $14.00
Wino4Life Category: Everyday Wine
Aeration before tasting: Just a swirl or two, no special aeration.

Cork Condition: Natural Cork - no defects or issues.
Appearance: The wine is clear, dark red in color with a water white rim.
Aroma: Red fruit like cherries, but more toward a dried cherry or even a bit of dried plum (yeah OK - prune, there I said it!). Also some toasted oak and baking spices.
Taste: Lots of tart fruit flavors, just a hint of tannins. Long finish of dried fruit flavor

The Grade: I give this one a B.  I do like this wine, but for a few bucks more I have had better examples of Mencia (like this one). The dried or even cooked fruit flavor is not my favorite, but still a very nice everyday wine for the money.  I do recommend you try a Mencia wine if you see them - something a bit different, and something I think we'll all see more of in the future!

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