Monday, January 6, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - Wine Can Be Part of Your Healthy New Year Resolutions!

It's the time when many start off the new year with resolutions to be healthier, kinder, more generous... all sorts of resolutions. If you are looking at your life for ways to improve, don't forget that wine does have health benefits.  You will be better off giving up that glass of orange juice in the morning, which without the fiber from the orange is basically vitamin C enriched sugar water.

Eric Rimm, DrS, a Harvard researcher states that alcohol can have a very powerful effect and increase "good" HDL cholesterol by 20% if used moderately as part of a healthy lifestyle including diet along with regular exercise. Higher HDL cholesterol levels are linked to lower risk of heart disease.

Arthur Agatston, MD, cardiologist and creator of the popular South Beach diet, believes drinking alcohol with a meal can be a positive."Alcohol can stimulate the appetite so it is better to drink it with food. When alcohol is mixed with food, it can slow the stomach's emptying time and potentially decrease the amount of food consumed at the meal," 

Red wine also contains Resveratrol, a naturally occurring, powerful polyphenol (plant-derived) compound with some significant antioxidant properties.  Red wine offers more antioxidants due to the prolonged exposure to the skins and seeds during fermentation.

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