Monday, February 17, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - All Chardonnay's are Not Created Equal

Chardonnay evokes thoughts of a big, buttery, oaky white wine that some love and some hate.  This type of Chardonnay has it's place in the world - but you will be missing something if this is the only approach to Chardonnay you ever try.  Oak aging and malolactic fermentation as part of the winemaking process give chardonnay those oaky and buttery characteristics. 

An "un-oaked" Chardonnay is a whole different ballgame - they are aged in stainless steel barrels and are a much lighter, crisper wine.   French Chablis is a very famous version of un-oaked Chardonnay, but there are many others from throughout the world - California, South America, and New Zealand. So ask your local wine shop to set you up... a new favorite may be on the horizon.

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