Monday, February 10, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - Take the Time to Smell Stuff!

One of the very interesting aspects of enjoying wine is attempting to identify the myriad of aromas that can be produced by fermenting grape juice and aging it in oak barrels. But to become proficient at identifying smells - you need the time to really smell things you come across. So often I when I smell a wine I know it is a smell I have encountered before - but I struggle identifying what it is. 
Wine Aroma Wheel from UC Davis

So, take some time to smell the fruit you are eating, different types of flowers, chocolates, licorice, coffee, cocoa, bandaids, latex gloves... anything you've ever heard used to describe the smell of a wine. Also, seek out things that may not be common to your area - like gooseberries and currants in the USA to further educate your wine nose.

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