Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Wine Review - California Zinfandel - 2012 Michael-David Vineyards Zinfandel Earthquake

A wine whose label seemingly promises to make the earth move is very intriguing.   Plus, a wine to go with a spur of the moment summer grilling extravaganza - what more could you want!

Wine: 2012 Michael-David Vineyards Zinfandel Earthquake
Region: Lodi, California
Grape Varieties: Zinfandel
Obtained from: Purchased at Total Wine & More
Price: $22
Wino4Life Category: Weekend Wine
Aeration before tasting: Just a swirl or two, no special aeration.

Cork Condition: Natural cork - no defects or issues.
Appearance: The wine is clear, dark purple in the center with a pink rim.
Aroma: Dark fruit like blackberries along with baking spices and vanilla.
Taste: A definite fruit bomb, nicely balanced with a good amount of tannins. The finish does fade a bit fast.

The Grade: I give this one a B+. A really tasty wine, with just a little more complex flavor profile and a longer finish this would be a solid "A". Still an excellent wine for the price.

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