Monday, July 14, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - Don't Dismiss Something Different

I am a big believer in trying new things, and heartily recommend exploration in the world of wine and food. With so many types of wines, and wine of the same type made in different styles - it's important not to dismiss a wine just because it is different than what you have enjoyed in the past.

Levels of Toasting of Oak Wine Barrels
A recent example of this for me was when we were out for dinner and enjoying a tasting menu with wine pairings.  For one course a Chardonnay was poured that was quite different than any I've had.  It was definitely a wine that spent time in oak, but oak that must have been toasted more toward the heavy side. The aroma of the wine was what I can only describe as apples and burnt biscuits.  It would have been easy for me to dismiss the wine as too "different" and not made like the typical oaked Chardonnay.  But then came the dish paired with the wine. A piece of salmon with a wonderfully charred skin, some charred brussels sprouts and a beet juice sauce.  Wow - the char of the dish and the super toasted oak element of the wine was a knockout pairing!  I need to remind myself sometimes as well... but don't dismiss something just because it's different. Different can be good, or even great!

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