Monday, August 25, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - Don't Forget About the Food!

You take a sip of a red wine. Wow - mouth puckering tannins, that one is not for me! But wait, what are your plans for this wine? To sip on its own or to serve with a beautiful steak marbled with the right amount of tasty fat?  Look beyond those tannins - is there a good level of acidity, how are the flavors on the finish?  If you are picking a wine to serve with food, remember that the food and wine will interact and hopefully both will be better from the pairing.  The tannins in the wine will interact with the char, the fat and the protein (cooked mid-rare please!). The tannins will be tamed and the flavors of the steak will be heightened. Without those tannins, the pairing would not have been as successful.  A white wine that may seem too acidic when tasting, may be just what you need to cut through a dish - perhaps something deep fried. Without the acidity to cleanse your palate, the dish may seem too heavy and not as enjoyable.

Something to keep in mind while you are looking for the right wine - a nice fruity low tannin wine is great for sipping, but you must keep in mind what food you may serve with the wine and look for the characteristics in the wine that will team up nicely with your food selection.  It is not always easy to determine from tasting a wine what are characteristics that will accentuate a food pairing, and what are the characteristics of the wine that may just be shortcomings. It will take some time and some hits and misses, but practice makes perfect!

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