Monday, August 18, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - Wine Glass Storage

As you progress towards becoming a wino, you might find your inventory of wine glasses starting to grow. As you begin to appreciate the need for different glasses to serve and enjoy red wine vs. white wine. vs sparkling wine, you may find yourself running out of place to store all this glassware!  
 I have a couple of tricks to help you out. You will need to dedicate some cupboard space for your wine glasses, but the first way to limit the impact is to figure out how much glassware you will need on a regular basis.  Find a primo spot for this glassware, and keep your extra glasses (you do have extras for breakage and those big dinner parties right???).  Another trick is to store the glasses one up, one down - this way you can fit more glassware into a single space.  I'm sharing some pictures of my readily available wine storage. In only two fairly small shelves I have 8 very big red wine glasses, a wine decanter, 6 white wine glasses, 4 sparkling wine flutes, and 4 small dessert wine glasses (plus 3 martini glasses and two Scotch glasses for those non-wine moments...shhhh don't tell anyone!).

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