Monday, September 8, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - Add a Corkscrew to your Packing List

Does this happen to you as much as it happens to me?  You're on vacation, and you run across a nice bottle of wine to enjoy perhaps as a little pre-dinner treat. You take it back to your hotel room, and there is no corkscrew... or worse one of those terrible "T" shaped hotel corkscrews that have cost me more in dry-cleaning that I care to admit.

After having this problem for years, we now finally put corkscrews in our luggage, and never take them out. For bigger bags that will always be checked, you can include the model with the small knife for cutting foil. If your bag is small enough that you may carry it on, find a bladeless version, otherwise you may be donating it to the TSA at the security checkpoint.   There are versions that have bladeless foil cutters, or your can always cut the foil a bit at the bottom with the corkscrew worm. Wine snobs will gasp at this method- but as long as it does the trick!

With airline travel things are always changing, so please check the TSA website for specifics on what you can bring onboard: TSA When I Fly Can I Bring My...

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