Monday, December 1, 2014

Wine Tip of the Week - What's Up With that Cork Chunk???

Don't you hate it when you've just opened a beautiful bottle of wine, poured a glass for yourself or maybe yourself and your significant other, only to see one or even many chunks of the cork in the bottle... UGGG!!!  You can "personalize" your glass of wine by dipping a big ole finger in the wine to chase the chunk of cork around the glass, or even better you can try to avoid this calamity all together.  

One of the biggest culprits of wine chunks is your choice of corkscrew. A good corkscrew needs to have a fairly thin "worm" (the spiral part) with a very sharp tip. We're talking draws blood when you touch it sharp. You want the corkscrew to pierce and glide through the cork, not bore through and pulverize it.  My motivation for this week's tip was the gradual appearance of more and more chunks in our wine. My trusty go-to Tupperware corkscrew (really, they are foolproof and I highly recommend them) had been called into service so many times that the tip had grown dull, and started kicking out cork chunks. Sadly, it was time to retire that corkscrew (I've never worn one out before!) and replace it with a younger, sharper model. 

Let's all be cork chunk free in 2015!!!

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