Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekly Wine Review - Italian Red - 2011 One True Vine If You See Kay

Sometimes it's just about the name and the label.  Should I factor in more when picking out a wine... probably... but sometimes it's just about the name and the label. Say the name of this wine out loud and see if you agree!

Let's drink!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weekly Wine Review - California Red - 2013 Rhythm Wine Co Lagrein

Today's wine is very interesting for two key reasons. First up is the grape used - Lagrein.  This grape is very unusual to see outside of its main home in Italy's Alto Adige region.  The grape can be tough to grow, often producing irregular yields year to year. It can also produce harsh, overly tannic wines.  See why not many people want to tangle with this grape?

The second interesting aspect of the wine is the winemaker. Jasper Dickson is very young, and his Rhythm Wine label is more of a side project, producing only about 400 cases per year.  He makes only two wines, this Lagrein and a Syrah.  Enough wine geek-speak...let's drink!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Weekly Wine Review - Spanish Red - 2004 Casado Morales Rioja Gran Reserva

Since our trip to Spain last year when we spent a few great days in the Rioja Alavesa area (the Basque portion of Rioja), I have been very intrigued with wineries from this area, producing wines with grapes purely from this area. Historically, grapes from the Alavesa sub-region have been blended with grapes from Rioja Alta and Rioja Baja. In this case, a Gran Reserva level Rioja for only $35 only added to the intrigue.