Sunday, December 8, 2019

Holidays Wine Gift Suggestions - 2019 Edition

Another Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and Small Business Saturday) have come and gone, but if you still have gifts to buys for those wine lovers in your life, then here are a few ideas to help you out.  None of these are from my advertisers (although they have some good stuff too!), so I don't get any benefit from these - other than the joy of sharing in spreading holiday joy!

Wine Decanter Dryer (Amazon).

This may not be the most gorgeous present, but I use these all the time.  If you know someone who decants their wine - this is a great gift for about $20.  Nobody wants a spotty decanter!

Red Wine Glasses (Amazon).

It is very important to have good glasses to enjoy a wonderful bottle of wine.  However, prices for some glasses can be absolutely insane.  These glasses are Nachtmann brand, which is owned by the Riedel company (the one offering some of those insanely priced glasses).  This one is a nice big red wine glass, but they also have white wine glasses and champagne flutes. All of the glasses I use are this brand - not exactly cheap, but great quality for the money!

Wine Cork Display States (Uncommon Goods)

Wine is more than just a beverage, it is a companion to travel adventures, special moments, great friendships.  I know for me that the wine cork can be a great souvenir for this special times.  This gift is a great way to display those souvenirs.  You can choose someone's current state, their home state, or a favorite wine state (or all of the above!).

Wine Knowledge for the Aspiring Wino (Amazon)

A great, easy to read book with a lot of wine information.  Lot's of graphics really help present the material in an effective way.

Even More Wine Knowledge for the Dedicated Wino (Amazon)

OK, so maybe you have that friend who knows evvvvverything about wine, and they aren't afraid to let you know it. They may even have their own blog 😃.  Well this book may teach them a few things they don't already know!

Wine Opener (Amazon)

The ultimate key to enjoying a bottle of wine is your ability to get to the wine (screw caps aside).   I think a good opener makes a wonderful gift, and this one is attractive and super easy to use.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

A great gift to last all year is a magazine subscription.  Wine & Spirits may not be the most famous wine magazine, but it is by far my favorite.  You can get a digital only, or a print and digital subscription.

Hope these helped...I'll be on the lookout for more cool gifts - come back to see what I find.
Cheers and Happy Holidays!