My Samples Policy

Sample Policy

I do accept wine and wine related products for sample and review.  I will make every effort to taste or use the product and publish a review and/or an acknowledgement on my Wino4Life blog in a timely manner.  I do not guarantee that all products will be reviewed on my blog, but for those products I do review I will always provide my honest impressions, including pros and cons.  For wines, I will use my rating system, which categorizes, then assigns each wine a grade of A - F. I will also clearly state within the review if the product was received as a sample.

If you would like your wine, or product reviewed for the Wino4Life blog,  please send me an email at and I will provide you my shipping information. For wine samples, please keep in mind that I live in Chandler, AZ - a suburb of Phoenix which means wine shipping in June through September will result in a cooked wine.

Thank you for your interest in the Wino4Life blog.